Head of the school: ​Mr. William Elman​

HS Principal: ​Mr. Paul Sebastian​

IB DP Coordinator: ​Ms. Claire Mkinsi​

Status: ​non-profit, independent​

Boarding/day: Day​

Gender: Co-Educational (Girls & Boys)​

Language of instruction: ​English​

Authorised programmes: 

MSA accredited university preparatory​ program​ leading to an American High School Diploma and ​the International Baccalaureate Diploma.​

Age Range: pre-k through 12

Number of pupils enrolled:​470​

Address: 1-bis, Rue Emir Ibn Abdelkader, Rabat, 10080 Morocco 

Tel: ​​+212 537.671.476

Fax+212 537.670.963

Email contact: ​info@ras.ma

Website: www.ras.ma

The Rabat School (RAS) presents itself as a “world learning community”, preparing students for higher education by “inspiring academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, service, and integrity.” 

The curriculum at the high school level is designed to accommodate students seeking admission to colleges and universities in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in other countries. Both the IB Diploma and an American high school diploma are available. RAS programs are regularly reviewed to maintain academic and instructional excellence. We provide our students with a breadth of experiences which encourage them to realize their full potential and allow them to acquire the knowledge, skills, character, and confidence to contribute positively and responsibly to an ever-changing, interconnected world.

The Rabat American School is located in a pleasant neighbourhood and situated on an extremely pretty campus with gardens, trees and open spaces. The school has two libraries (media centres), science and computer labs, performance space, a cafeteria, as well as a gymnasium, playgrounds and an outdoor pool. Students are provided with a safe, secure, and nurturing environment in which to learn.  However, a new school campus is under construction (planned to open 2018-19) and this will offer state of the art facilities for approximately 650 students.

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